A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Story

Once there lived two bosom friends in a certain village. These two friends were a nature lover. They were charmed by nature. On the other hand, they liked to travel in the jungle or forest. One day they decided to go to a forest to see the beauty of nature. On a certain day, they were walking through… Read More »

Essay on My Favourite Teacher 

A person who teaches us valuable life skills in schools/colleges and also instructs us in moral values is a teacher. Teachers play vital rules in every student’s life. They take up the role of helping students gain moral values from early growing stages till maturity. Asides from this student are instructed by a teacher important societal valued which… Read More »

Food Adulteration Essay

Public health is now facing a serious threat owing to food adulteration. Food adulteration means the making of harmful chemicals with food items. This food adulteration has now become a serious problem in our country. Some dishonest businessmen are always engaged in this illegal practice to make more profit by using the various harmful chemicals with food items.… Read More »

My First Day at School

Life is filled with new events. The first day in school for a child is the opportunity to begin a new experience. Encountering a completely fresh atmosphere is what makes it feel new for the child. My first day in school is one I can never forget. The memory never fades and is very fresh in my thoughts.… Read More »

My Aim in Life

There is a proverb that “an aimless life is like a boat without a rudder”. There should be a specific goal to be established in life. So, every man must have a definite aim in life. Without it, no one can reach the pinnacle of glory in life. On the other hand, without work and pursuit, nothing can… Read More »

Duties of A Teacher

The activities of a class become disciplined and vivacious through the proper duties and responsibilities of a teacher. On the other hand, a class teacher is the head of the class as well as class life. Therefore, the success and failure of a class depend mostly on the teacher’s activities. However, one of the prerequisites for this success… Read More »

My Favourite Season

Bangladesh is a land of six seasons. At an interval of every two months, there appears a new season in Bangladesh. Of all the seasons, I like spring most. So, spring is my favourite season. It is called the queen of all seasons in Bangladesh. It comprises the Bengali months of Falgun and Chaitra. At the end of… Read More »

My Childhood Memories

The sweetest days of my childhood were spent in the charming environment of my village. It was a small village in the district of Lakshmipur. Though now I am a grown-up man and live in a city, I spent my childhood in the lap of Nature, in the midst of my parents, grandmother and my brothers and sisters.… Read More »