A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Story

By | July 20, 2018
Two friends and a bear

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Once there lived two bosom friends in a certain village. These two friends were a nature lover. They were charmed by nature. On the other hand, they liked to travel in the jungle or forest. One day they decided to go to a forest to see the beauty of nature.

On a certain day, they were walking through the forest. Seeing the beauty of the forest, they were very spellbound. They were roaming here and there. They were so excited that they didn’t think about anything else. After sometimes, they had lost the path of the jungle. That was a very deep forest. Many wild beasts were lived there in the jungle and the two friends knew it very well. For this reason, they took a decision that they would help each other when they found danger. They also promised that none could leave each other if they saw dreadful things. It was a matter of sorrow that one friend knew how to climb up a tree but the other friend did not know it.

They were walking aimlessly in the jungle in a happy mood. At one moment, they reached the thickest part of the forest. All on a sudden, they saw a bear coming towards them. So, they both became afraid of seeing the bear in a little distance. They were in a fix what to do.

One friend said to another, “Dear friend, I will climb up a long tree. Since you do not know how to climb a tree, you can run away quickly.” The first friend didn’t keep his promise. He saved himself. But the other friend knew well that a bear never touches a dead body. As a result, finding no other alternative, he utilized the idea properly and fell flat on the ground like a dead body. The ill-fated friend stopped breathing for a while when he imagined that the bear was just beside him. The bear came and smelt the body of the lying friend. It thought him to be a dead body as usual. So, it didn’t touch him and went away from the place. The ungrateful friend on the tree saw everything.

When the bear went away in a safe distance, the cunning friend on the tree climbed down. He came to his friend quickly. He shook his friend with a smiling face and ensured him that the danger was over. He greeted his friend as the bear didn’t make any harm to him. He said, “You are saved now. Dear friend, I saw the bear whispering to you. What did it say to you?”

The saved friend replied that it had advised me not to believe such kind of friend who left his friend alone at the time of danger.

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