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Essay on Importance of Education in Life

The importance of education in life and society has increased tremendously over the years. Many people think that just because we live in a complex industrialized society, the importance of education has diminished. This is not true at all. Even though the exact importance of education in life and society might not be visible in each and every… Read More »

How to Learn English Fast: 17 Tips

English is the by default global language. Most of the people have basic comprehension when it comes to English. However, without proper fluency, you will not be able to use it to your advantage. We would today share with you four simple skills which you need to master to learn the English language. These are: Listening Speaking Reading… Read More »

Qualities of A Good Student 

Students are the leaders of the next generation of any nation. Hence, they have to be groomed and trained to be people with excellent qualities. However, in order to respond as required to the lessons thought by coaches, parents, and teachers, students must possess the following 23 great qualities to become good students. 23 Qualities of A Good… Read More »

Qualities of A Good Teacher

A teacher is a fundamental base for the education of a student. The teacher who teaches students well in his own passionate teaching style and the students become satisfied is called a good teacher. Every teacher wants to become a good teacher. Students cherish to learn from a great teacher and a good teacher is remembered forever. A… Read More »

Duties of A Teacher

The activities of a class become disciplined and vivacious through the proper duties and responsibilities of a teacher. On the other hand, a class teacher is the head of the class as well as class life. Therefore, the success and failure of a class depend mostly on the teacher’s activities. However, one of the prerequisites for this success… Read More »