Duties of A Teacher

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Duties of A Teacher

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The activities of a class become disciplined and vivacious through the proper duties and responsibilities of a teacher. On the other hand, a class teacher is the head of the class as well as class life. Therefore, the success and failure of a class depend mostly on the teacher’s activities. However, one of the prerequisites for this success is to ensure the presence of most standard students. A class teacher will conduct his class activities through a specific framework by his own thoughts, personality, talent, capability and using modern technology. A teacher will be an ideal teacher, guardian or father; will be a humorous, guide or builder; will be a modern craftsman making capable leaders to build a well-disciplined nation. A class teacher should be firm, full of moral character, neutral, frank and truthful. He will win the students’ mind with the beauty of his unique character. A teacher must have innovative power and an endless effort to create something new. He will be an unavoidable medium for the development of the students’ latent talent.

A class teacher has to perform several basic duties and responsibilities. Among them, some of the basic tasks are discussed-  

Important Duties of A Teacher

01. Data Collection:  

A) Name in the attendance book:

At the beginning of the year, the class teacher will write the name of the students in the attendance book in fair handwriting. When the names are enlisted, the teacher must be aware that the names of the students are written according to their birth certificate or academic certificate.

B) Information about the students:

The class teacher will keep the information of the students’ guardian mobile number and students study group. He will write down the students’ previous year’s class, section and roll no.

C) Guardian’s information:

The class teacher will take the note of the students’ guardian name or local guardian name and their mobile number, home address, guardians’ job in his own diary or digital diary.

D) Specially qualified students:

There may be talented students who have creative skills in different sections. Any student can be proficient in music, someone can be competent in debate or recitation, someone can be skilled in writings or sports. The class teacher will make a list of the skilled and experienced students in such creative work.

E) Information on backward students:

The standard of all students of a class is not equal. In a class, there are talented students and weak or wicked students. Some students are not present regularly in the class. Someone students remain absent from the class after leisure period. The class teacher will keep such vulnerable, more vulnerable, absentee or school fled students’ data.

F) Information about autistic or physically disabled students:

There may have autistic or physically disabled students in a class. The class teacher will identify such kinds of students and keep their information.

02. Maintaining Discipline:  

A) The teachers will be present in the school according to the rules and after taking classes, they will leave the institution keeping everything neatly. A class teacher will consider the school as his second home. If the teacher follows the time properly, then the students will follow the time accordingly.

B) A class teacher’s attitude towards the students will always be positive. He will completely avoid negativity. Teachers will follow the discipline. In this, the students will learn to be disciplined and follow the discipline of the organization. The teacher will remind the students that – Think positive, be positive, do positive

C) Except for natural calamity, the daily assemblies are held at every school grounds with the students. Class teachers will present in that assemblies regularly. The presence of teachers in the assemblies will awaken discipline among the students.

D) The class teacher will divide the students into several groups for the smooth conduct of class activities. Each group will consist of 5/6 students and every group has its own elegant name. According to the instruction of a class teacher, the group members will sit in different places for a day. For each group, there will be a group leader. At the time of making the group, the class teacher must ensure that the “Inclusive Teaching Environment” is created in the group.

E) In order to create a fair democratic sentiment among the students, the teacher will choose the captain through secret votes in the class. The captain should be selected from the meritorious students. Depending on the number of students in a class, there may be 2/3 class captains.

F) A class teacher will behave like a trusted friend with his students. Students will have the opportunity to present their problems to a class teacher like friends. Maintaining a teacher-student relationship, a class teacher will always share the students’ happiness, success, and failure.

G) There is a proverb in English “Man is born to be free”. A young minded student wants to express a lot. A class teacher must understand the mentality of the students observing their behavior. In this case, the students will have the opportunity to express their elegant freedom of speech.

H) A class teacher will motivate students. The students of his class will always be encouraged to follow the rules and regulations strictly.

I) Patience is one of the main qualities of a class teacher. He should not show any kind of disrespect to the students in the class.

03. Coordination:

A) The class teacher will coordinate with the respective person or the head of the institution about issues related to his class problem-solving, success-failure, results, discipline and future prospects. He will conduct his class activities according to the advice or guidance of the head of the institution. If the teacher has a constructive or creative opinion of his own, he will share it with the principal and work accordingly.

B) There may be a number of sections in a class. In that case, the class teacher of one section will exchange his views with the class teacher of another section about the maintenance of class, discipline and the overall development of the students.

C) The development of a student mainly depends on the combined effort of teachers, students and parents. In this case, the role of a class teacher is very important. He will maintain communication with the students’ guardian from time to time to improve the quality of backward students. He will assist the student with the necessary counseling on the matter of the guardian and if he has any constructive suggestions from the guardian himself he will accept it. If any student breaks the discipline, the class teacher will inform the guardian and the head of the institution and help to take necessary action.

 04. Quality Improvement:  

A) The student will be motivated by the teacher in this way that he will always say “I can do.” The class teacher will always encourage him to improve his overall standard.

B) A class teacher will try to determine the quality of a student compared to the other students in his class and accordingly he will take necessary action.

C) A teacher is always a well-wisher for the students in all circumstances. So, the class teacher will help the students to make a routine for reading at home.

D) The class teacher will know the aim in life of the student. In this, the teacher will be able to assist the student with the necessary advice to reach his goal.

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