Food Adulteration Essay

By | July 16, 2018
Food Adulteration

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Public health is now facing a serious threat owing to food adulteration. Food adulteration means the making of harmful chemicals with food items. This food adulteration has now become a serious problem in our country.

Some dishonest businessmen are always engaged in this illegal practice to make more profit by using the various harmful chemicals with food items. They are keeping food items fresh and making them attractive. Some people out of there ignorance are buying and eating these foods and thus they are suffering from various diseases. In fact, the problem endangers the safety of the whole nation.

Adulteration is not limited to only foods served at hotels and restaurants but also a wide range of essential commodities- such as fruits, vegetables, fish etc are not left out of adulteration. Unscrupulous traders spray a kind of chemical on these perishable goods to keep them fresh for a long time. The elements which the adulterators use to adulterate food are harmful and unhygienic. Innocent consumers are captive to these dishonest traders since they have no alternative but to buy these things. They suffer from various diseases after eating these foods. But it is a matter of great hope that the government has taken some pragmatic steps against food adulteration. Bangladesh Standard Testing Institute has recently launched a drive across the country to stop adulteration of food. This organization has already identified some restaurants which are selling adulterated foods and being run in an unhygienic condition. BSTI imposed fine on them and in some cases, nabbed a good many restaurant owners involved in this illegal practice. But despite this drive, this social ill has not stopped.

Taking into account the dire consequence of food adulteration, mass media, as well as different socio-cultural organizations, should come forward and raise their voices against this in humanitarian offense and thereby to save our nation from a great disaster. Above all, the government must take serious action against this heinous practice with no mercy.

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