My Aim in Life

By | June 28, 2018
My Aim in Life

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There is a proverb that “an aimless life is like a boat without a rudder”. There should be a specific goal to be established in life. So, every man must have a definite aim in life. Without it, no one can reach the pinnacle of glory in life. On the other hand, without work and pursuit, nothing can be achieved in life. As the state does not run without plans, the life of people is inaccessible for the same reason.

It is true that determining the goal of life is difficult. There are various activities of life around. There are also many different types of opportunities in life. It is not easy to set a goal by keeping the head cool. Besides, the goal is not fulfilled all the time. Man dreams a lot but all his dreams are not implemented. Nevertheless, man is the only one who has dreams. So, man can build their own fortune. He is not a man who does not dream. Different people have different aims in life. Someone wants power, wealth and riches. Someone desires honor and high dignity in the society. On the other hand, someone wants to be a doctor, an engineer, a politician, a social worker or a teacher.

Teaching is a great profession. So, after thinking many days and hours, I have decided to become a teacher. My parents are teachers. My father is a secondary school teacher and my mother is a primary school teacher. From the very beginning of my childhood and boyhood, I saw the nobility of a teacher. So, they have inspired me to take this profession. Teaching is the only profession in which a teacher can serve the nation directly. In my school life, I have come to touch some teachers who were the actual nation builder. In this respect, I have got the same inspiration from my teachers also. It is believed that a teacher can build up the character of the young generation of a nation. I have also chosen this profession because the life of a teacher is a dedicated one. Ours is a poor country. More than 60% of people of our country are illiterate. They have no light of education. They are living in the darkness of ignorance. They are also living in the superstition. Becoming a teacher, I want to eradicate the illiteracy from the society. I also want to build them up as the good citizens of the country. There is a proverb:

“If you plan for a year, sow a seed,

If you plan for a decade, plant a plant,

If you plan for a century, teach the people.”

I was born in a lower-middle-class family. I saw the ups and downs of my family. I have to face many difficulties in my life. So, I have no high ambition. I know a teacher can enlighten the society. Many people of our country do not know how to read and write. Many children do not go to school for poverty. I shall try my level best to teach the backward class of people. I will work hard to change the society. If the lower section of people is educated, there will have no prejudices and ignorance.

To fulfill my goal, I will, at first, prepare myself. Preparation is the prerequisite condition to reach the destination. Now I am an SSC examinee. After completing my SSC and HSC Examinations, I will get myself admitted into a reputed university so that I can complete Honors and Masters Degree. Then I will complete the B.Ed  and M.Ed course from a teachers’ training college so that I can qualify myself as a good teacher.

After completing my course of studies, I have decided to join a high school in my own village. I will teach the students with great enthusiasm. I, as a whole, will render my best services to the society and the nation at large.

I know teachers are ill-paid. But I don’t think the matter anymore. I only want to serve my country. As a teacher, I will especially help the weaker students in the classroom. If it is needed, I will take the extra class so that students can understand any topic clearly. I will run a night school for the adult people.

Education is the backbone of a nation. To build up an educated nation the role of a teacher is very essential. He can enkindle the light of education in the minds of our young generation. I pray to Almighty Allah to give me courage and strength so that I can fulfill my dream.

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