My Childhood Memories

By | June 20, 2018
My Childhood Memories

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The sweetest days of my childhood were spent in the charming environment of my village. It was a small village in the district of Lakshmipur. Though now I am a grown-up man and live in a city, I spent my childhood in the lap of Nature, in the midst of my parents, grandmother and my brothers and sisters.

I was then the youngest son of my parents. For this reason, everybody in our family loved me very much. Actually, I was free from all cares and anxieties of life. Everyone was always busy to look after my comfort. All of them, my grandmother was very careful about my ease and comfort. As a young boy, whenever I made any wrong, my grandmother came forward to protect me. Really, I will never forget her fondling me in her arms. Sometimes I annoyed her in many ways. But she never becomes angry with me. It was my grandmother for whom none dared to disturb me. A single drop of my tear was enough to move the entire family. The members of my family called me the uncrowned king. It is a matter of sorrow that my grandmother is no more in the world, but I still search for her affection.

I can remember some important moments that happened in my childhood. There was a small park near our house where the children of our area gathered together every afternoon. I had some intimate friends and that intimacy continues till today. There were bears and monkeys in that small park. I first saw them while I was playing there. An old man was showing some tricks with the monkeys. In spite of being afraid of those animals, I enjoyed it very much.

I acquired a great experience when I was going to school for the first time. Then I was a boy of six. One day morning my father told me that he would take me to a primary school. Going to school, my father took me to the headmaster. At that moment I felt very nervous and shy.   But I got rid of my shyness and nervousness seeing the smiling face and hearing the sweet tones of the headmaster. With great affection, the headmaster asked me my name and some simple questions. I answered all the questions quite well. I was then admitted into class one.

After getting admitted I entered into the classroom with the help of my class teacher. My classmates received me warmly. And the situation charmed me very much. All of my teachers were good and kind to me. How time does fly! I am now far away from my best teachers’ sweet company. Really, I will never forget them. Among them, a man who still peeps through the window of my mind is an old neighbor. That man was an excellent storyteller. Sometimes we went to his hut to hear his sweet stories. All of us became spellbound after hearing his stories.

There was a great painful memory of my childhood. My mother died when I was only eight years old. My mother’s death shocked me very much. Still, her loving face and sweet smile flash upon my mind eye and I feel utterly forlorn. Her death can never be healed. Now I am 16 years old. But the sweet memories of my childhood are still cherished. Sometimes I recollect my childhood. Then I feel happy. I wish I were a child again. The poet says:

“Childhood is the vernal season,

Trim and train the tender shoot,

Love is to the coming reason,

As the blossom to the fruit.”

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