My Favourite Season

By | June 20, 2018
My Favourite Season

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Bangladesh is a land of six seasons. At an interval of every two months, there appears a new season in Bangladesh. Of all the seasons, I like spring most. So, spring is my favourite season. It is called the queen of all seasons in Bangladesh. It comprises the Bengali months of Falgun and Chaitra. At the end of winter, it comes with all its beauties and charms. It comes with the message of hope and joy.

Spring is the loveliest and most charming of all season. In this season, there is neither the bitterness of winter nor the scorching heat of summer. This season appears with the sweet smell of flowers along with the sweet twittering of birds that make us forget the bleak winter days. It is the spring that brings life to nature that was lifeless in winter. Poets of all countries and of all ages have ever sung of it. This is why spring is my favourite season.

With the advent of spring, nature awakes from slumber and puts on a new and lovely appearance. Trees and plants get adorned with new leaves and flowers. A gentle breeze begins to blow which spreads the sweet smell of flowers all around. Bees fly from flowers to flowers with their humming sound in search of honey. Butterflies spreading their colourful wings also fly from flower to flower. The cuckoo sings melodious song hiding on the branches of trees. Nature looks fresh and lively in the midst of beautiful things and objects. Vegetables grow in plenty in this season. When one looks at a vegetable garden it seems that someone has spread out a green sheet of cloth all over the field.

It is easy and convenient to move from one place to another in the countryside during this season. In this season the villagers find joy and merriment. Most of the village festivals such as – Village Fair, Jatra, Jari, Kabigan etc are held in this season.

The season has a great influence on the minds of the people. The people of all ages enjoy its beauty with a cheerful mind. The beauties of nature inspire the poets in composing poems. The more spring we have in our lives, the more shall we be fortunate in our short span of life. The poet says-

“My snowy, winter days are gone

I mourn them, but I hear a song

Of birds in trees; wind chimes ring

I guess it might as well be spring!”

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