Essay on My Favourite Teacher 

By | July 17, 2018
My Favourite Teacher

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A person who teaches us valuable life skills in schools/colleges and also instructs us in moral values is a teacher. Teachers play vital rules in every student’s life. They take up the role of helping students gain moral values from early growing stages till maturity. Asides from this student are instructed by a teacher important societal valued which causes everyone under their tutelage to be transformed into well-mannered law-abiding citizens of a nation.

Nevertheless, as great as every teacher is, every student has a teacher who is his/her favorite either in college or school days. Similar to this, I also have a teacher that I prefer above all others, and he is my favorite teacher.

My Favourite Teacher

My maths teacher, Mr. Patrick John, is my favorite teacher. He resides very close to the school which enables him to be at school on time and early. Not only is he my favorite but among other students in the school, he is also admired. This is because he breaks down complex mathematical concepts so well that both the smart and the slow to understand pupils can grasp them very well and perform excellently during examinations.

Almost all students in my class and in the school admire the way the teachers as it is presented in a very simplified way. After Mr. Patrick John teaches his maths lessons, he ensures we repeat the concepts at home as well as practice the problems over and over again. This is what stands him out from every other teacher in the school.

When we are presented with problems to solve, once they are solved he gives more problems and variates the figures which offer us a crystal-clear view of the problems and lesson.

Student Revision

Mr. Patrick John ensures we have enough time to revise the lessons which he had thought us previously and after we fully comprehend the sums and topics, he goes to the next topic. It’s very clear to see that he loves the teaching field and is addicted to his work. His class is filled with energy which is what makes us eager for his classes and motivates us to study.

He is quite friendly and polite with students and this ensures we feel free to ask questions during his mathematics class. Mr. Patrick allows students to ask him questions during the lesson period as well as after the class. He always tells me, if you want to make it in life, never fail to heed the words of your parents and teachers. Absolutely no discrimination of any students, he treats every one of his pupils equally. He even gives more attention to weak pupils and requests for smart students to aid weaker students.

My favorite teacher, Mr. Patrick always pushes students to have a passion for education and aim high in life. He is extremely supportive and provides emotional support to all students. Another amazing thing about him is that he offers complete free extra lessons for any student who is weak and this has made most weak students begin to excel tremendously. Because of the extra lessons, mathematics has the best results in examination results compared to other subjects.

Promoted to Vice- Principal

Due to his remarkable performances with every class he handed, he was nominated as number one teacher of the year. Now he is the vice principal of the school. He is performing so well as the vice principal, as he still teachers maths and, ages the greenery of the school so well. Mr. Patrick is so strict when it comes to the cleanliness of the school environment. Annually, he controls the tree plantation of the school and its immediate surroundings.

My favorite teacher has always kept us happy and never had to punish any of us because we obey him because everyone admires him and love his teaching methods.

Overseeing the School Management

As the school vice principal, asides from teaching a lot of responsibilities concerning the school are under his control. He organizes all events for students. He knows all students on a first name basis and aids every pupil who has study problems.

His smile makes pupils not to be afraid of him during his classes. This makes questions to flow freely when it’s time for his subject. However, he is very strict when any student disturbs during his lectures and can even send fee student out of class.


My favorite teacher, Mr. Patrick John, is remarkable. He is one of the most famous persons in the school and his teaching ability is just amazing. Every student who joins his class sees tremendous growth in understanding mathematical concepts. The qualities he possesses are patience, caring and a great sense of humor. This is why he is my favorite teacher.

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