My First Day at School

By | July 10, 2018
My First Day at School

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Life is filled with new events. The first day in school for a child is the opportunity to begin a new experience. Encountering a completely fresh atmosphere is what makes it feel new for the child. My first day in school is one I can never forget. The memory never fades and is very fresh in my thoughts. It was on the 10th of June. I woke up very early that morning and got prepared. Heading out with my father I started towards the new school.

We stepped into the office and I saw four men sternly sitting behind a desk. My father was given a form by one of the men and he filled it. Then we stepped into the Principals office and my father handed the form over to him. After looking at the form he tapped a button and immediately a man walked in and he instructed the man to lead us to the teacher’s general room.

The man took us to the teacher’s room where I saw teachers sitting on both sides of a very long table. My father then handed the form to one of the teachers. The teacher who received the form tested my knowledge of English and he concluded I was fit. One of the other teachers at the table wrote out six sums for me to solve and I easily solved them. Both teachers penned something down on the form my father gave to them.

Once more my dad stepped into the Principals office. After going through the reports of the two teachers, the Principal instructed that I be admitted into the school. My father paid in my fees right there in the office and I was placed in I-C classroom and sent there with a man.

We got to the classroom and I stepped in and sat in the middle row, right in my front a big blackboard was placed on the wall. Beside it, there was a table and a chair for the classroom teacher on an elevated platform. A few minutes later a teacher stepped into the class, and called me to the front, gave me a register and asked me to write my name. The teacher was such an interesting person. He made a few funny comments and I went back to my seat.

Once the recess bell rang, everyone rushed out of the class. It was time for leisure. A group of boys approached me and they began cracking jokes. One of the boys said “You look like a nerd” I didn’t reply. Fortunately, some other four boys ran to my aid. They walked me around the school’s structure. They took me to the library and reading room, I found that the walls were decorated well with various paintings. Once the bell rang we all walked back to the classroom. Three teachers were present in their periods but didn’t teach us.

At 1:00 pm the bell rang for the last time. All classes were done. Once I got home I was so excited. I spoke to my mother about my experience at the new school and she was so happy to listen to my first-day account. The 10th of June was such a memorable day because I really liked the school. I studied at this school for over three years but I could always recall my first experience at this school. I cannot say this about my K.G class because I can’t remember how it went due to how young I was.

The experience of my first day at the new school really left a pleasant memory with me about new beginnings, it was a mixed feeling of both fear and excitement. I was petrified of meeting new people, not certain if they would accept me or not as well stoked to have a brand-new experience. The day proved to match up with my feelings as I got both mocked and accepted, as well as made friends that have been with me ever since. The first day at school is an experience every child never forgets, no matter what happens between at school, it is entrenched in your memory forever and can’t be replaced or renewed.

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